Akrobeto is so far gone !! A legend To be Celebrated Always

Today marks the birthday of famous Ghanaian comdian Akrobeto

Akrobeto is trending in UK

Akwasi Boadi, known as Akrobeto is a Ghanaian actor, comedian and T.V presenter. He has been featured in over 100 Kumawood movies and is known by the size of his nose. 

He was born on 18th November 1962

Today marks his 58th Birthday

Final Year Students of the 3 Schools of Hygiene not to write their end of semester exams due to lack of Allawa from 2017-2020

Final year Students of the 3 schools of hygiene not to write their end of semester exams due to the government @NAkufoAddo failure to pay them their Allawa from 2017 till date.

The SRC of the 3 schools of hygiene together with the final year students of the Schools of Hygiene yesterday in a letter wrote to inform the public about their decision to suspend the end of semester examination scheduled for today 20th July, 2020 to 25th July, 2020 until they receive their due allowance from the appropriate authority.

Their decision together with other ongoing actions has been taken by the entire final year students of the various institutions to propel the decisions of the government to attend to the cry of students of the Schools of Hygiene.

This decision is not in any way intended to undermine the authorities of the noble institutions but they believe the aftermath when successful, will inure to the benefit of the Schools of Hygiene.

They hope to achieve their intended objective in due course so as they can successfully write their exams and complete successfully.

This was in a letter sent across the 3 schools of hygiene.

Dubai Police arrest 20 big boys for social media scam

Gangs operating blackmailing Andrew cyber extortion criminal operations from the emirate, as well as fraudulent activities against social media users.

Dubai Police officials have arrested some 20 Africans gang for social media related scams.

General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs at Dubai Police, explained that they also arrested a married couple who deceived social media users by posing as a recruitment agency for domestic helpers.

Brigadier Jamal Al Jallaf, director of CID at Dubai Police, said they received a reliable tip-off about some African gangs who lured men by posting and sharing photos of girls on social media platforms and via e-mails.

When the victim arrives at the specified address, he would find a different girl than the one he had chatted with online,” Al Jallaf said.

The victims would end up sharing their mobile phone passcodes and credit card security pins, and paying huge amounts to avoid being defamed online and among their family members,” he added.

The gang would threaten victims and take their belongings including mobile phones and credit cards after they take pictures of the men in indecent positions and threaten to post their videos online and share it with the victims’ contacts if they report the matter to the authorities.

Lt. Col. Abdullah Mohammed, head of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Dubai Police, said a team was formed immediately and a thorough plan was set up to apprehend the 47 African suspects – ten women and 37 men. He confirmed that comprehensive investigations led to the arrest of suspects in Dubai and in a nearby emirate, who had been renting flats under fake IDs in an attempt to evade capture. Dubai police were recently praised for their role in helping arrest and extradite Hushpuppi to America.


Source:  Arabian Business

Anas Exposes COVID-19 scam

Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, will today premiere a 30-minute documentary in which he goes undercover to expose an underworld of quack doctors in the country, shedding light on a coronavirus (COVID-19) scam said to be worth tens of thousands of dollars

The film, which is a collaborative effort with BBC Africa, and has been exclusively shown to the Daily Graphic, reveals how some local drug manufacturers extort huge sums of money from unsuspecting victims by selling to them concoctions portrayed as having the potency to cure COVID-19.

Posing as the brother of a man infected with the virus, Mr Anas sets out to find so-called cures, some of which were advertised on radio, and expose the men who manufacture and sell them.

The investigation focuses on scammers known as the “Abdellah brothers.”  


Mr Anas told the Daily Graphic last Sunday that the undercover investigation was in two parts, and exposes both fake cures and corruption in the country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said the first part of the documentary, which would be premiered tonight, focused on the illegal manufacture and sale of ‘fake cures’ for COVID-19, and added that the second part, which dealt with corruption and stealing, would be aired in two weeks.


In the film, an undercover footage of the marketing activities of COA FS drugs exposes how they allegedly exploited the pandemic for profit, and how agents of the company misled their customers into believing that their product was a cure for COVID-19.

The film exposes how two samples of COA FS that were tested by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) as part of the investigation, revealed additional signs of product contamination, beyond those already revealed by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

Manufacturers of COA FS, the Centre of Awareness Global Peace Mission (COA GPM), on March 19, emphatically said the drug was an immune booster and a viral load suppressing drug and not a cure for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The Abdellah brothers

On the other hand, the illegal activities of two self-acclaimed doctors known as Dr Abdellah Jnr and Dr Abdellah Snr, who masterminded the lucrative COVID-19 scam, were also exposed and their makeshift factory raided by the FDA.

The documentary exposes how the two individuals produced hundreds of bottles of a product labelled “Covid Cure” with fake FDA numbers on its labels during the lockdown period. 

Undercover videos in the film exposed how they bragged and lied to potential customers just to portray themselves as geniuses who had achieved a major breakthrough.

They claimed people took their children out of hospital quarantine to take their drug. They also claimed to be actively treating a number of coronavirus patients, and to be cutting deals with prominent people in Ghana.

In the film, they attempted to sell 100 bottles of their concoction to the undercover team for GH¢150,000. They had stockpiled almost GH¢433,875 worth of fake cure products in total.

When samples of the product were tested by the GSA, they failed to meet the standards for human consumption because they were contaminated with bacteria, mould and traces of phosphine.


The 30 minutes’ undercover documentary will premiere at 8p.m. tonight on the BBC EYE Channel on BBC Africa YouTube page and TV3 concurrently. Graphic Online [] will later broadcast it on at 9p.m.

Source: GraphicOnline

COVID-19 deaths in Ghana rises to 103

COVID-19 deaths in Ghana have increased from 95 to 103 deaths, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has announced.

The number of COVID-19 infections in Ghana has also increased to 15,834 as 361 new cases have been reported by health authorities on Friday, June 26, 2020.

This means the total number of active cases is 3,976.

Regional breakdown

Greater Accra Region – 9,070

Ashanti Region – 3,161

Western Region – 1,276

Central Region – 799

Eastern Region – 486

Volta Region – 331

Upper East Region – 271

Upper East Region – 271

Oti Region – 108

Northern Region – 100

Western North Region – 94

Bono East Region – 47

Savannah Region – 38

Upper West Region – 35

Ahafo Region – 8

North East Region – 4

Bono Region – 4

First female Provost and Now, First Female Vice Chancellor of KNUST.

Prof. Mrs Rita Akosua Dickson.

First female Provost and Now, First Female Vice Chancellor of KNUST.

Rita Akosua Dickson is a Ghanaian phytochemist. In September 2018, she was appointed the pro vice chancellor of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, making her the first female to occupy this position

She is a board member of the Pharmacy Council and Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana

On June 25,2020 KNUST announced her appointment as the first woman Vice Chancellor of the University effective 1st August,2020. She is to serve a four-year term

Earth tremor rocks Accra, surrounding areas. Full video #Watch

Parts of the Greater Accra, Central Region and their surrounding areas have experienced earth tremors.

The phenomenon which took place at about 10:40 pm Wednesday, June 24, 2020, occurred three times in the space of 10 minutes.

The tremor recorded a magnitude of 4.0 with a 10.0-kilometre depth.

Credit: Joynews

Asymptomatic COVID-19 patients “unlikely” to infect others after 14 days – Akufo-Addo

According to him, new evidence suggests that, after 10 to 14 days, asymptomatic patients are unlikely to transmit the virus to others.

He said the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) criteria for declaring recoveries centered on the patient no longer having symptoms or not being capable of infecting others.

“Initially, the scientific thinking was that, as long you continue to test positive, you are capable of infecting others. Hence, the requirement for the two consecutive negative tests before you are declared as having recovered,” the President explained.

“This was the science that informed the guidelines that Ghana has, so far, followed. However, there is now new evidence which states that, after ten (10) to fourteen (14) days, a person, with no symptoms, is unlikely to transmit the virus to others, even if the person continues to test positive.”

On why Ghana’s COVID-19 recoveries have shot up overnight, President Akufo-Addo said the country has adopted the WHO’s discharge/recovery policy.

“According to WHO, asymptomatic patients, i.e. those who have tested positive for the virus but are not exhibiting any symptoms after fourteen (14) days, ‘are not likely to be infectious, and, therefore, are unlikely to be able to transmit the virus to another person’.

“After three (3) weeks of analysing and studying this update and recommendation, and situating it in the Ghanaian context, in line with the admonition by WHO to Member States, this new patient discharge/recovery policy has now been adopted by Ghana, as have some countries in the European Union, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and in Dubai,” he added.

Source: Emmanuel Ayamga, Pulse Ghana

Accra Technical University Records its First COVID-19 Case #Akokoraba

Accra Technical University records its first COVID-19 case

Management of the Accra Technical University has confirmed that the institution has recorded its first Coronavirus case.

This comes after a National Service Person at the Academic Department of the University tested positive for the virus.

Tertiary institutions across the country resumed just a week ago, in order to allow final year students undertake their exiting exams.

In a statement, management of the Accra Technical University said the COVID-19 infection was confirmed on Monday, June 22, 2020.

Statement from Accra Technical University

The University said the NSS person reported to a medical facility in her neighbourhood after experiencing symptoms of fever, headache and runny nose.

The statement said she was subsequently tested for COVID-19, which the result came out to be positive.

The management said the NSS person is currently receiving treatment, while six of her close colleagues have had their samples taken for testing.

“The contacts have been asked to self-isolate while waiting for the results of the test. The University Medical Team and the safety and health committee are however in touch with the patient and contacts to provide the needed medical and psychological support,” the statement said.

It added: “Members of the University Community are entreated to remain calm while adhering strictly to the published personal protection etiquettes.”

Meanwhile, Ghana’s COVID-19 case count has now risen to 14,568 cases, with 10,907 recoveries and 95 deaths.

Source: Emmanuel Ayamga, Pulse Ghana

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