Kanye West For President 2020 and Twitter

On July 5th Kanye West, worlds famously self acclaimed musician took it to twittered that he’s running for president.

Many people Twitter their views on this.

“This is not an insult. I’m a psychologist. Kanye is not well. Please help him if you care about him” brian

“While I’ll never make fun of anyone for their mental illness, he is definitely not likable, on or off his meds. Less so when he’s off” Adriana

What’s your take in this.

Asymptomatic COVID-19 patients “unlikely” to infect others after 14 days – Akufo-Addo

According to him, new evidence suggests that, after 10 to 14 days, asymptomatic patients are unlikely to transmit the virus to others.

He said the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) criteria for declaring recoveries centered on the patient no longer having symptoms or not being capable of infecting others.

“Initially, the scientific thinking was that, as long you continue to test positive, you are capable of infecting others. Hence, the requirement for the two consecutive negative tests before you are declared as having recovered,” the President explained.

“This was the science that informed the guidelines that Ghana has, so far, followed. However, there is now new evidence which states that, after ten (10) to fourteen (14) days, a person, with no symptoms, is unlikely to transmit the virus to others, even if the person continues to test positive.”

On why Ghana’s COVID-19 recoveries have shot up overnight, President Akufo-Addo said the country has adopted the WHO’s discharge/recovery policy.

“According to WHO, asymptomatic patients, i.e. those who have tested positive for the virus but are not exhibiting any symptoms after fourteen (14) days, ‘are not likely to be infectious, and, therefore, are unlikely to be able to transmit the virus to another person’.

“After three (3) weeks of analysing and studying this update and recommendation, and situating it in the Ghanaian context, in line with the admonition by WHO to Member States, this new patient discharge/recovery policy has now been adopted by Ghana, as have some countries in the European Union, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and in Dubai,” he added.

Source: Emmanuel Ayamga, Pulse Ghana

Accra Technical University Records its First COVID-19 Case #Akokoraba

Accra Technical University records its first COVID-19 case

Management of the Accra Technical University has confirmed that the institution has recorded its first Coronavirus case.

This comes after a National Service Person at the Academic Department of the University tested positive for the virus.

Tertiary institutions across the country resumed just a week ago, in order to allow final year students undertake their exiting exams.

In a statement, management of the Accra Technical University said the COVID-19 infection was confirmed on Monday, June 22, 2020.

Statement from Accra Technical University

The University said the NSS person reported to a medical facility in her neighbourhood after experiencing symptoms of fever, headache and runny nose.

The statement said she was subsequently tested for COVID-19, which the result came out to be positive.

The management said the NSS person is currently receiving treatment, while six of her close colleagues have had their samples taken for testing.

“The contacts have been asked to self-isolate while waiting for the results of the test. The University Medical Team and the safety and health committee are however in touch with the patient and contacts to provide the needed medical and psychological support,” the statement said.

It added: “Members of the University Community are entreated to remain calm while adhering strictly to the published personal protection etiquettes.”

Meanwhile, Ghana’s COVID-19 case count has now risen to 14,568 cases, with 10,907 recoveries and 95 deaths.

Source: Emmanuel Ayamga, Pulse Ghana

Lucifer Season 5 Finally Has a Premiere Date on Netflix #Akokoraba

It’s about to be a hot devil summer. Netflix has announced that the first half of Lucifer Season 5 will premiere on Friday, Aug. 21 — and in true Lucifer form, the streaming platform shared the news in a 66.6-second video roundup of Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) sexiest moments. That should help fans endure the wait until the end of August.

Lucifer‘s supersized fifth season, which was expanded from 10 to 16 episodes, will be split into two halves on Netflix. The first eight episodes will debut Aug. 21; no word yet on when the back half of the season will premiere.

It’s also worth noting that Netflix no longer seems to be branding Season 5 as Lucifer‘s final season. Though it was expected to be the drama’s last ride, it’s begun to look like fans might just see Lucifer — which Netflix saved from the TV afterlife after it was canceled at Fox — resurrected again for a sixth season. Ellis has reportedly signed on for Season 6, clearing the way for more potential dates with the devil.

Everything We Know About Lucifer Season 5

Season 5 will pick up in the wake of that massive Season 4 cliffhanger, which ended with Lucifer returning to Hell to save the world — right after he confessed to Chloe (Lauren German) that she’s his first love. Deckerstar fans have waited long enough to find out what happens next.

In addition to Ellis and German, Rachael HarrisD.B. WoodsideAimee GarciaKevin Alejandro, and Lesley-Ann Brandt will all star in Season 5. Inbar Lavi and Tricia Helfer are also set to return — and Dennis Haysbert will join the series as God.

Lucifer Season 5 premieres Friday, Aug. 21 on Netflix. The first four seasons are now streaming on Netflix.

PHOTOS: The Best Netflix Originals of 2020 So FarTom Ellis and Lauren German, <em>Lucifer</em>” width=”2070″ height=”1380″>Tom Ellis and Lauren German, <em>Lucifer</em></p>

<p>(<em>Disclosure: TV Guide</em></p>



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The Best TV Shows and Movies to Watch while social distancing

The U.S. is dealing with multiple crises all at once right now, and watching the news, while essential, can also be a dizzying and completely exhausting experience. So, if you’re here in hopes of finding something that might take your mind off the surreality of reality right now, we’re here to help. On the other hand, if you’re searching for some streaming options that might better your understanding of current events, we’ve got you covered there too.  

Our staff has curated dozens upon dozens of recommendation lists to help you figure out what to watch next. Whether you’re hoping to find good streaming sources for learning about the justice and healthcare issues of our time or simply searching for some trashy reality series, cheesy rom-coms, or gripping sci-fi shows that might take your mind off things for a bit, the comprehensive list below features a bit of everything to help you get through this difficult time.

If this is still not enough, you can also sign up for our daily recommendations newsletter to keep the recommendations coming. We also have hand-picked recommendations based on shows you already like!

Last updated: June 10

Jharrel Jerome, When They See Us Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix

Essential Shows and Documentaries to Learn About Police Brutality and Racial Justice

If you’re ready to learn more about the history of the Black Lives Matter movement and racial injustices in America, here’s a list of some essential viewing. 

Helpful Shows to Watch If You’re Nervous About Coronavirus

From news programs and documentaries to short reports and multi-episode series, there are plenty of things to watch to help you become a coronavirus expert that don’t involve Gwyneth Paltrow dying in Contagion.

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The Best Movies and TV Shows on Hulu in June

This month, Hulu has a respectable selection of movies and new TV shows, and we’re recommending a coming-of-age series based on a movie that was based on a book, a new adult comedy from the executive producers of Robot Chicken, and a documentary about what Lin-Manuel Miranda was up to before he took over Broadway and the rest of the world. Here’s the full list of everything coming to Hulu in June.

The Best Movies and TV Shows on Amazon Prime in June

With the exception of the streaming debut of Knives Out, this month on Amazon kinda blows. The streaming service is releasing a grand total of one original TV series this month, and it’s for kids, which means your best bet is to watch movies, both new and old. For what it’s worth, here is everything coming to Amazon in June.

The Best Movies and TV Shows on Netflix in June

Highlights among Netflix’s movie and TV offerings in June include the return of all-time great movie The Silence of the Lambs to the streaming service, Spike Lee’s brand new Vietnam heist movie Da 5 Bloods, the final season of the sci-fi sensation Dark, two movies starring Edgar Ramirez, and much more. Here’s everything coming to Netflix in June.

Jamie Bamber and Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica NBC / Getty Images

The Best Shows You Can Stream for Free

Not everyone wants to shell out big bucks every month on streaming services, but there are still a lot of great shows you can stream legally, for free, on the internet — as long as you don’t mind putting up with some ads now and then.

How to stay healthy and entertained at home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Great Movies to Stream for Free

Subscription streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ get all the attention, but the less-heralded ones like Vudu, IMDb TV, and Tubi have a ton of great movies and TV shows in their libraries, too. Here is a selection of the best movies to watch for free right now, both family-friendly and not family-friendly at all.

Docs Just as Crazy as Tiger King to Binge

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past two weeks (which, to be fair, is a perfectly decent way to ride out a pandemic), you’ve probably binged Netflix’s newest hit, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. If you’re ready to dive into more outside-the-box true-crime documentaries that would be the talk of the water cooler (if you weren’t stuck at home), these seven recommendations will blow your mind.

The Best Fantasy Shows

There are a lot more fantasy programs out there than just HBO’s Game of Thronesand Netflix’s The Witcher(though both are on this list), and they can take viewers to far-off destinations or open their eyes to new, fascinating worlds right here. These are excellent sources of escape, and we could really use an escape hatch right about now.

The Best Feel-Good Shows

Whether you’re having a good day and are looking to ride that wave, or if you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, sometimes you’re just in the mood for a TV show that will embrace you like a hug and swaddle you like a weighted blanket. These shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Disney+ are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your spirit.

How to Watch Every Marvel Movie

If you want to relive some of your favorite moments from the MCU, you mostly just need a Disney+ subscription, as most of the 23 films are available on the streaming service. However, there are still a few films that aren’t available yet — Netflix still has a few of the streaming licenses — so find out where to watch those with this helpful story.

The Best FX Shows on Hulu

While many FX shows were already available to stream, they’re now all in one place, and a few previously unavailable or hard-to-find shows are now also available at your fingertips. These are the best FX and FXX shows streaming on FX on Hulu that you should move to the top of your priority streaming list.

Frozen II Disney

The Best Shows and Movies on Disney+

Disney+ comes stacked with viewing options thanks to 600-plus movies and shows from the Disney vaults and continuing additions. We’ve picked through the animated classics, the best of the Disney Channel Original Movies, the new Disney+ originals, and more to trim the mountain of possibilities into a manageable stack, emphasizing variety so everyone has something to watch.

The Best Sci-Fi Shows on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu

For those who want to indulge in a little escapism, nothing beats the fantastical worlds of science fiction. From space battles in the far reaches of a galaxy we’ve never heard of to advancements in technology that are changing the way we live here on Earth, sci-fi is television’s most encompassing genre, and in the hands of great storytellers, it can be the most impactful.

Every Marvel movie and Disney+ series Coming out until 2022

The Best Cop Shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon

Whether it’s a Dick Wolf drama in which the bad guy usually gets his due or a prestige cable series that raises complicated questions about the criminal justice system in lieu of a gift-wrapped ending, these captivating cop shows have a way of sucking one in for hours on end. So if you’re looking for a good distraction that offers up some sense of law and order in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, this list is for you.

The Best Trashy Reality Shows

The reality television we’re highlighting — the kind you feel guilty for watching but also can’t wait to talk to everyone about — has been around for decades, but is finding new life with Netflix getting into the act. That’s why our list has the latest from Netflix, as well as the classics that inspired them and everything in between.

The Best Horror Series on Netflix

Netflix is a treasure trove of spooky series, eerie episodes, and terrifying tales. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something paranormal, gothic, supernatural, slasher, Satanic, or just straight-up schlocky, the streaming service has you covered.

The Best International Shows

Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, it’s never been easier to find quality international programming when you want it. From Dark and Wallander to Babylon Berlin and Terrace House, these popular non-English imports prove there’s always something better to watch than another rerun of Fixer Upper.

The Best International Shows on Netflix You Might Not Have Heard Of

To help you navigate a Netflix algorithm that’s infinitely bigger once you start scrolling through the non-English language shows, this list features some of the most exciting storytelling happening all around the world, focusing on shows that you may not have heard of.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock Robert Viglasky, Copyright: Hartswood Films 2016

The Best British Murder Mysteries

No one does a good murder mystery quite like the Brits; there’s just something about the atmosphere of a crisp morning in the U.K. that really drives home the narrative over there. So, if you’re in the mood to cue up some sleuthing from across the pond while staying in, here’s a look at the best British murder-mystery series available to stream.

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The Best Mysteries and Crime Dramas

While the Brits might excel at murder mysteries, they aren’t the only ones producing engrossing whodunnits. This list takes a broader view of mystery and crime dramas and includes some suggestions from the U.S. and other regions as well.

The Best Young Adult Movies on Netflix

If you are looking for some fun, youthful, adventures to take your mind off what’s going on outside, this is the list for you. From rom-coms to soapy thrillers, these are the best young adult movies to watch on Netflix.

Groundbreaking Nature Documentaries to Watch for a Taste of Nature

These are not the boring nature documentaries of middle school; many are educational, yes, but through groundbreaking advances in technology, many more are also breathtaking works of art too.

The Best Comedy Shows to Binge-Watch in One Day

These comedies are all great, and they require minimal time investment. All can be watched to completion in roughly one work day, which, depending on your situation, means you can sneakily put them on in the background while you’re working from home, or will give you something to do while you wait for your $1,200 check to process.

The Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials on Netflix

The world is a scary, uncertain place right now, and maybe the best way to get through it is through laughing. These excellent stand-up comedy specials on Netflix will help you out in this trying time. Laughter is the second-best medicine, after Sudafed.

The Best Shows to Watch on Acorn TV

Acorn TV specializes in British programming, including a huge selection of those moody international murder mysteries that you can’t get enough of, and it’s relatively cheap to subscribe. These are the best shows to watch, including The Hour and Agatha Raisin. Acorn TV is currently offering an extended 30-day free trial, so sign up now using promo code FREE30.

BoJack Horseman Netflix

The Best Adult Animated Shows on Netflix

Netflix has also become a solid provider of grown-up-friendly cartoons, so, if you’re looking to stream another show drawn to satisfy a more mature audience, here are some options to add to that Netflix queue right now.

The Best Anime Shows and Movies on Netflix

These imported animated series from Japan are more made up of more than just beat-em-ups and giant robots, though there are plenty of those, too, and some of them are really darn great. There is actually plenty of variety, if you know what to look for.

The Best Historical Dramas on Netflix

While historical dramas might not be super accurate, but they make history exciting, with high-stakes drama and opulent costumes that are most certainly way out of your budget. If you’re among those who can’t get enough of period pieces, grab a cup of tea and settle in with these historical dramas on Netflix.

The Best Thriller Movies to Watch

In the same way you watch a family drama to make yourself cry, you watch a thriller to feel controlled anxiety. This is a list of some of our favorite thrillers and where to stream them. It’s an admittedly incomplete and arbitrary list, but that’s only because we had such a hard time choosing what to put on it.

The Best New Shows of 2020

A new year means a lot of new TV shows. We’ve done the work for you by figuring out the best new shows of 2020 and putting them in this easy-to-read list so you don’t have to waste your life endlessly browsing.

Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf Scott Everett White, Scott Everett White/MTV

The Best Supernatural Shows Right Now

Much like its genre neighbor science-fiction, supernatural shows allow viewers to escape into a world full of the unknown. Sometimes, they’re scary and full of things that go bump in the night; at others, they’re funny and inject a nice dose of levity into stressful situations; and often, they’re full of hunky teenagers who are also werewolves. The storytelling options here are truly limitless.

The Best True Crime Shows on Netflix

Netflix is the streaming home for true crime shows, and we’ve done the work for you, finding the best of the true crime docuseries currently available, from the buzzy new releases to the reliable standards and everything in between.

The Best Teen Shows on Netflix

Between Netflix’s expansive Originals slate and acquired titles, the service is unrivaled when it comes to coming-of-age TV shows. It has every type of teen show you could desire, from irreverent comedies and heartfelt dramedies, to sci-fi thrillers and supernatural love stories, to juicy soaps and tender family fare.

The Best Old-School Sitcoms to Watch

Sometimes all you wanna do is unwind with the familiar comforts of a show you already love and know like the back of your hand. From big hitters like the nothingness of Seinfeld to the haziness of That ’70s Show, these are the best sitcoms of the 1990s and 2000s you can stream right now.

The Best Apocalypse Shows and Movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu

If you’re looking for the best post-apocalyptic, end-of-the-world TV shows and movies to watch, look no further. These programs offer a look at life after civilization and offer glimpses of what the world will look like after we’ve destroyed it.

The Best Horror Movies on Netflix

There really is never a bad time to watch any one of the best horror flicks available to stream — and there are a ton of options just on Netflix alone! Whether you’re looking for classic B-movie fare, something grim and gory, an over-the-top slasher flick, or some of the genre’s most seminal films, there’s a streaming option for you.


The Best Shows on BritBox

From BBC Studios and ITV, BritBox has everything from your favorite British sitcoms and classic sci-fi programs to irresistible crime dramas. And in the case of ongoing series, you can often see the new episodes not long after they air in the U.K.

The Best Reality Competition Shows on Netflix

There’s nothing like the unscripted drama of real people fighting to see their dreams realized, which is why reality competition shows are so addictive. From amateur bakers to interior designers, we’ve got you covered with a carefully curated list of the best reality competition shows streaming right now on Netflix.

The Best Shows on Showtime

Showtime is no longer the destination for serious dads with shows like Ray Donovan and Dexter, or harried moms with shows like United States of Tara and The Big C. (No offense, serious dads and harried moms.) The network has undergone serious changes in recent years, and Showtime is better than it’s ever been, choosing complicated, emotionally complex dramedies to represent its most recent facelift.

18 Terrible Romantic Comedies That Are Actually Great

There is no such thing as a bad romantic comedy. Even when rom-coms are objectively terrible, they still have the ability to inspire feelings of warmth and happiness in all of us. This list honors those terrible movies that are actually totally great, and definitely worth your love.

The Best Feel-Good Movies and Shows on HBO

Looking for something to watch that will make you laugh or feel warm inside or give you some sense of hope about the world? This list features a bunch of feel-good movies and shows available to watch on HBO GO and HBO Now.

The Best ’90s Movies to Watch Right Now

While no means a comprehensive list of the best films from the 1990s, this list features a lot of really great ones. In the interest of being open, some of the major movies on this list will require that you buy or rent them from Amazon Prime. But that’s the price you pay for wanting to watch Titanic again.

The Best Educational Kids Shows to Stream During School Closures

There are a lot of companies and organizations stepping up to help offer parents guidance for how to keep their kids entertained and educated now that schools across the nation are closing. Find out what educational kids shows you can lean on during these trying times.


Kelvyn boy – ” Stonebwoy sent people to brutalized me at Ashaiman.

kelyvn boy today on Twitter claims stonebwoy was behind the people who brutalized him. This clearly shows that (Kelyvn boy) doesn’t have a clear conscience about Stonebowy his God father.

If you tag someone being your enemies, when anything goes wrong Within your space you think is them & is wrong.

He said on Twitter 3 days ago to set up a shop at Ashaiman on Monday

Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2: Cast, Premiere Date, and More

It took years for The Witcher to get the onscreen adaptation it deserves, and while fans won’t have to wait that long for the anticipated second season of the Netflix drama, the hiatus has still felt far too long for our liking. Luckily, Netflix has tossed us a coin and announced that The Witcher Season 2 is set to resume soon. 

The Witcher is inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski‘s Witcher book series, which also spawned the popular video game franchise. Netflix debuted the buzzy first season of the fantasy series in December 2019. The show stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, a witcher whose destiny becomes bound to the sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) and the powerful princess Ciri (Freya Allan). The first season was told across three timelines, each of which followed one of the three main characters. But now that all three timelines have caught up to each other, we can’t wait for Season 2 so that the series can really delve into the relationships between Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri.

So what can we expect of The Witcher Season 2? Here’s everything we know so far.

It is expected to premiere in 2021. When Netflix renewed The Witcher for a second season in November 2019, it was announced that the series was set to begin production in early 2020 with an anticipated air date in 2021. Production on Season 2 officially kicked off in the U.K. in February 2020. There has been no word yet on whether the premiere date will be pushed back due to production delays.

Production is set to resume this summer. On June 22, The Witcher‘s official Twitter account announced that the series is set to resume production on Season 2 on Aug. 17. Production on the series, which was filming outside London, was previously suspended on March 16 after actor Kirstofer Hivju tested positive for COVID-19, which he later announced on InstagramThe Witcher was the first major TV production in the U.K. to be halted as a result of coronavirus

Season 2 will introduce another original character. The Witcher Season 1 featured a handful of characters who didn’t originate in the books, and Season 2 will follow suit. In February 2020, it was announced that Carmel Laniado has joined the cast in a recurring role as Violet, “a young girl whose playful and whimsical demeanour is a front for a smarter and more sadistic character,” per Deadline. While Violet wasn’t featured in the books, fans of the popular video game franchise likely can’t help thinking of the violet rose prominently featured in the Hearts of Stone expansion. Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has been very clear that the series isn’t adapting the games, but there’s always the chance this new character Violet may prove to be a subtle nod to them and the tragic violet rose storyline.

It will consist of eight episodes. Keeping form with its freshmen run, Season 2 of The Witcher will once again be made up of eight episodes. Stephen Surjik will direct Episodes 1 and 2, Sarah o”Gorman will direct Episodes 3 and 4, Ed Bazalgette will direct Episodes 5 and 8, and Geeta Patel will direct Episodes 6 and 7.

The timeline won’t be as confusing. Many viewers struggled to keep track of the show’s three separate timelines in Season 1 (which you can find explained here), but these fans will be relieved to know this won’t be as big of an issue in Season 2. During a Reddit AMA in January 2020, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich confirmed that the structure “will definitely change in season two, as they’re [sic] stories have begun to converge.”

Season 2 isn’t the only Witcher content heading our way. In January 2020, Netflix announced that they were making an anime feature film set in The Witcher universe, titled The Witcher: Nightmare of the World. The film will explore a new threat facing the Continent, likely prior to the events of the series.

The Witcher is available on Netflix

Sarkodie Celebrate Father’s Day As he Unveils His Newborn Son #FathersDay

Sarkodie who has been out of Ghana for months now due the outbreak of the novel corona virus on twitter denied reports of his wife giving birth to another child!

Fans were all in shadow of the news of the king welcoming a new born child.

Sarkodie today on twitter cleared the rumors with a beautiful picture of himself and his new born child

Sarkodie could not leave Titi out of this. He shared two beautiful Pictures of them.

Sevilla 0-0 Barcelona: Madrid Celebrates their draw


Barcelona slipped up with a 0-0 draw at Sevilla to hand Real Madrid a huge LaLiga title boost, as Lionel Messi was kept waiting for his 700th career goal.

Messi had scored 37 in his 38 previous outings against Sevilla, more than against any other team, but a series of threatening free-kicks were repelled by the home side this time.

Antoine Griezmann was surprisingly left out of Barcelona’s starting line-up for the clash with third-placed opposition, as Martin Braithwaite was preferred, and the visitors lacked penetration.

The draw leaves them still top of the table, but Real Madrid, with a game in hand, are just three points off the summit.

This stalemate at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium could prove a costly one for Barcelona come the end of the season, and it was almost worse for them, with Sevilla’s Sergio Reguilon, on loan from Real Madrid, squandering a glorious late chance.

Sevilla defender Jules Kounde drilled an early shot a yard wide, but Barcelona were soon on top and for a while they looked terrific.

It took two Sevilla players to stop Messi at the expense of a free-kick on the edge of the penalty area at the 20-minute mark.

Up stepped Messi, and his shot beat the wall and might have beaten Tomas Vaclik too, but the goalkeeper was done a favour by Kounde, who cleared the ball from almost on the line with a flicked header over the bar.

Messi tested Vaclik moments later with another free-kick, and the goalkeeper was more comfortable second time around.

Inevitably at the centre of things, Messi avoided punishment for shoving Diego Carlos to the ground in first-half stoppage time after the home defender fouled Suarez.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen came to Barcelona’s rescue early in the second half with a fine parry to deny Lucas Ocampos, the goalkeeper’s strong left hand keeping out a thunderous shot from a tight angle to the right of goal.

The German thwarted Munir moments later too, pushing away a vicious left-footed strike.

Vaclik tipped another Messi free-kick over his crossbar at full stretch as the game entered its final 20 minutes, before Jordi Alba made a key block at the other end as Sevilla launched a three-on-one breakaway raid.

Ocampos drew a save from Ter Stegen with a low shot but neither side could successfully plot a way to a goal, Reguilon failing to properly get hold of a close-range shot at the death, to Barcelona’s great relief.

What does it mean? – Barca set to blow their lead

For Barcelona, the advantage they held over Real Madrid when LaLiga resumed has effectively gone. Should Zinedine Zidane’s men win at Anoeta against Real Sociedad on Sunday, the teams will sit level on 65 points from 30 games, reducing the title race to an eight-game rush to glory.

Sevilla might have snatched it at the death, but you suspect they would have taken a point from this, another small step towards making certain of a Champions League place next term.

Reguilon could have been the hero – in two cities

Reguilon knew he would not be a regular at Madrid this season, so he grasped the opportunity presented by Sevilla and Julen Lopetegui, who liked him during their brief time together at the Santiago Bernabeu. In this match, he could have made himself a Real Madrid hero, only to bungle the chance that came his way in a flash right at the end of the game.

Rather than find the back of the net, from barely eight yards he hit the ball into the ground and it was all too easy for Ter Stegen.

Not Messi’s night, but you couldn’t take your eyes off him

Probing, rushing and then barely jogging and watching, Lionel Messi, at whatever pace he moved, was at the centre of operations as ever for Barcelona, and a gaggle of Sevilla heavies watched his every move.

He dropped increasingly deep to find space, a sure sign the home defence is winning the battle, but then almost carved open a chance with an audacious exchange of passes with Alba. You can never assume a battle is won against Messi. His free-kicks carried menace and with a little more luck he would have brought up that seventh career century of goals.

What’s next?

Athletic Bilbao visit Camp Nou on Tuesday, and it seems likely Griezmann will start after this disappointment. Sevilla go to Villarreal on Monday.


by John Skilbeck

Sarkodie Reacts to News Of His Return to Ghana.

A fake account @Trace_sarlcess on twitter impersonating the offical account of Sarkodie’s Wife @Tracy_Sarkcess twitted this morning the return of KingOfGHRap King Sarkodie.

This is how Sarkodie’s Wife expressed her worry of true reports!

Fans of Sarkodie would love to have The Sarkodie Family Back in Ghana.

We hope to see the king safety back to Ghans to the country in these bad Times!

Top bloggers like ameyawdebrah among others blogged about the true return of Sarkodie.


Waakye Banned In Ghana?

#WaakyeLivesMatter has been trending the whole day on twitter, so we were shocked thinking the government has banned the consumption of wakye in the country. Then we found out it was even worse!

Then we found out it was even worse! The new look and branding of Waakye will make you lose appetite for it your entire life. This reminds us of “Layers of soil” , “Soil Profile’ way back in Primary school.

Ghanaians decided to fight for the life of waakye. Bellow are some funny comments on twitter by some Ghanaians as they expressed their dissatisfaction as “WAAKYE CAN’T BREATH”

J Derobie New single #MyPeople to drop on Friday!

Derrick Obuobi Junior, A.K.A J. Derobie, is an artist born in 1994 in Yendi in the Northern Region of Ghana. At the age of 13, he began to learn to dance and began to develop an interest in singing.

@jderobie tweeted on June 17th, 2020 “Kindly join me as I drop my new song titled #MyPeople on Friday.”

We believe this banger is already a hit and captivating more than any song released by any Ghanaian Artist this year!

What are your expectations! Well, we can only wait for Friday!

Akrobeto is so far gone !! A legend To be Celebrated Always

Today marks the birthday of famous Ghanaian comdian Akrobeto

Akrobeto is trending in UK

Akwasi Boadi, known as Akrobeto is a Ghanaian actor, comedian and T.V presenter. He has been featured in over 100 Kumawood movies and is known by the size of his nose. 

He was born on 18th November 1962

Today marks his 58th Birthday

Pop smoke would’ve been 21 today.

Bashar Barakah Jackson, known professionally as Pop Smoke, was an American rapper, song writer.

Born: July 20, 1999, Brooklyn , New York, United States

Died: February 19, 2020, Cedars-Sinai Medical Records Office, Los Angeles, California, United States

Full name: Bashar Barakah JacksonBuried: March 5, 2020, The Green-Wood Cemetery, New York, United States

His type and style of music has been copied by many artist worldwide.

Kwesi Arthur was the first Ghanaian artist to do cover of His Dior track.

Followed by Kwesi Arthur, AmgMedikal Ghana best and current rapper is now championing pop smoke’s songs in his own style

Rip Pop smoke

Final Year Students of the 3 Schools of Hygiene not to write their end of semester exams due to lack of Allawa from 2017-2020

Final year Students of the 3 schools of hygiene not to write their end of semester exams due to the government @NAkufoAddo failure to pay them their Allawa from 2017 till date.

The SRC of the 3 schools of hygiene together with the final year students of the Schools of Hygiene yesterday in a letter wrote to inform the public about their decision to suspend the end of semester examination scheduled for today 20th July, 2020 to 25th July, 2020 until they receive their due allowance from the appropriate authority.

Their decision together with other ongoing actions has been taken by the entire final year students of the various institutions to propel the decisions of the government to attend to the cry of students of the Schools of Hygiene.

This decision is not in any way intended to undermine the authorities of the noble institutions but they believe the aftermath when successful, will inure to the benefit of the Schools of Hygiene.

They hope to achieve their intended objective in due course so as they can successfully write their exams and complete successfully.

This was in a letter sent across the 3 schools of hygiene.

Electoral Commission Of Ghana to conduct special registration for students, prisoners-Akokoraba

The Electoral Commission (EC) will soon roll out a special programme under the mass voters registration exercise to register qualified senior high school (SHS) students currently in school and inmates of prison establishments.

The Director of Electoral Services at the commission, Dr Serebour Quarcoo, who disclosed this, said a tentative date for that special registration exercise would be announced in the coming days.

“We are finalising arrangements to go to SHSs and prisons across the country to register qualified Ghanaians there, and the two exercises will be rolled out together,” he told the Daily Graphic in an interview yesterday.

Throwing more light on how the exercise would be conducted, he said EC officials would move to the schools and prison establishments on specific days to register eligible people.

“There will not be permanent registration centres there; what will happen is that our officials will go to those places, and based on the numbers, register the people and leave,” he stressed.


The Daily Graphic sought the interview to clear the air on whether or not the EC would register students on SHS compounds and prison establishments.

Following the phase-out easing of restrictions by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo last month, final-year students in basic schools, final-year students and second-year Gold Track students in SHSs and final-year students in tertiary institutions have returned to school to complete their courses.

Since the EC started the mass registration exercise last Tuesday, there have been concerns over how SHS students who are 18 years and above will get the opportunity to register.

This is especially so when the Ghana Education Service (GES), as a measure to curb the spread of the COVID-19, has directed heads of SHSs to send home any final-year student who leaves the school compound.

The Upper East Regional Director of the EC, Mr William Obeng Adarkwa, was reported to have said the commission had been unable to register eligible SHS students in the region.

He had indicated that all registration centres being used for the ongoing mass registration exercise had been gazetted and so there was no room for extra centres that could accommodate students in their schools.

Window of hope

However, Dr Serebour said the EC had decided to do special registration on SHS compounds in order not to disenfranchise qualified students.

“The students will get an opportunity to register and get their names on the electoral roll when our officials go to the schools. But it must be noted that those centres will not be permanent,” he stressed.


Touching on the registration of prisoners, Dr Serebour said the law required that qualified Ghanaian prisoners be allowed to register and vote during elections.

“In 2012, the EC registered prisoners. We will go there this year again and register prisoners because the law mandates us to do so,” he said.

Under Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution, the Supreme Court, in 2010, upheld the rights of prison inmates to vote in general elections in Ghana.

That was after the Centre for Human Rights and Civil Liberties(CHURCIL), an organisation dedicated to the promotion of human rights and the protection of civil liberties, and Mr Ahuma-Ocansey, a private legal practitioner, had, in a consolidated suit, sought the court’s interpretation on the right of remand prisoners to vote.

“The EC, in 2016, registered 2,276 prison inmates throughout the country to participate in that year’s general election,” he said.


Dr Serebour gave an assurance that the EC would go all out to ensure that no eligible Ghanaian willing to get his or her name on the electoral roll was disenfranchised.

He called on stakeholders in the electoral process, especially the political parties, to collaborate with the commission to ensure that the registration exercise was conducted in a peaceful atmosphere.

The EC director reiterated the need for persons who turn up at the registration centres to adhere strictly to the safety protocols.

Credit: GraphicOnline

The Tallest People In Africa, Meet The Dinka Tribe- Akokoraba

The Dinka people are a Nilotic tribe from South Sudan, but they do have a significant community in the diaspora. They live mostly along the Nile, from Mangalla to Renk, in Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile (formerly two out of three Sudanese Southern Provinces), and Dinka Ngok of Abyei Area in South Sudan.

The Dinka originated from the Gezira, in what is now Sudan, according to oral traditions. The area was controlled in ancient times by the Kingdom of Alodia, a multicultural Christian kingdom governed by Nubians. Living in its southern region and connecting with the Nubians, the Dinka learned the Nubian syntax in a significant amount. Around the 13th century, the Dinka began to move from the Gezira with the disintegration of Alodia, escaping slave raids and other military conflicts, and also droughts.

The Dinka people live mostly on traditional farming and herding, depending on livestock as a cultural pride not for trade or meat, but cultural presentations, ceremonies, dowries, and milk products for all ages.

Food and cash crops are cultivated on the Dinka. Grains, primarily sorghum and millet are grown in food crops. Groundnuts, sesame, and gum-Arabs are among the cash crops. Cattle are confined in the dry season to wetland areas, the sudd and grass fields, but are taken to high grounds in the rainy season to prevent flooding and mud.

According to the 2008 Sudanese census Dinka number around 4.5 million people, making up about 18% of the country’s population and South Sudan ‘s biggest ethnic group.

They called themselves Muonyjang (singular) or jieng (plural), they make up one of the branches of the Nilotes River Lake (a mainly sedentary agri-pastoral ethnic group of the Nile Valley and African Great Lakes that speak Nilotic languages, which include Nuer and Luo).

Dubai Police arrest 20 big boys for social media scam

Gangs operating blackmailing Andrew cyber extortion criminal operations from the emirate, as well as fraudulent activities against social media users.

Dubai Police officials have arrested some 20 Africans gang for social media related scams.

General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs at Dubai Police, explained that they also arrested a married couple who deceived social media users by posing as a recruitment agency for domestic helpers.

Brigadier Jamal Al Jallaf, director of CID at Dubai Police, said they received a reliable tip-off about some African gangs who lured men by posting and sharing photos of girls on social media platforms and via e-mails.

When the victim arrives at the specified address, he would find a different girl than the one he had chatted with online,” Al Jallaf said.

The victims would end up sharing their mobile phone passcodes and credit card security pins, and paying huge amounts to avoid being defamed online and among their family members,” he added.

The gang would threaten victims and take their belongings including mobile phones and credit cards after they take pictures of the men in indecent positions and threaten to post their videos online and share it with the victims’ contacts if they report the matter to the authorities.

Lt. Col. Abdullah Mohammed, head of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Dubai Police, said a team was formed immediately and a thorough plan was set up to apprehend the 47 African suspects – ten women and 37 men. He confirmed that comprehensive investigations led to the arrest of suspects in Dubai and in a nearby emirate, who had been renting flats under fake IDs in an attempt to evade capture. Dubai police were recently praised for their role in helping arrest and extradite Hushpuppi to America.


Source:  Arabian Business

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